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For most of this year Sinfest has been running a storyline (starts here) about a devilgirl who loves a nerd. She started out trying to corrupt him and ended up being corrupted instead. I'm cheering for them, of course, but I know it's probably not going to work just because this is a comic strip: the romantic tension is funny, the writer is going to use whatever plot can be milked for the most laughs, and so the only way Fuchsia has a chance with Criminy is if she can figure out, and sell to the writer, a way for that to be funnier to watch than any other possibility.

What if real life works like that too?
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(Psst--this is ai-hua at LJ, I got a DW journal. Can you give me access if you f-lock posts?)
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Actually, I have to admit I thought you would just roll the older permissions over, but feel free to take me off if it makes you uncomfortable. ^_^
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I love that thread. As a none-too-bright, although not nearly as hot and devilish lady, who loves a geek who is way smarter than she is, I can totally sympathize with her and root for them to be 2 Get R 4 EH vah!

Or at least 15 or so years.


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