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Birthdate:Aug 1
Location:Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Most entries on this account will be limited-access, and limited tightly because they will tend be personal in nature. You're welcome to contact me and ask to be added if and only if you're prepared to accept a "no" with no explanation. I might post occasional public announcement-type entries or meta-comments about Dreamwidth itself. My main public Net presence is my personal Web site, Ansuz.

I write original fiction from time to time. I don't write fan fiction. I might post some of my stuff in public postings here to try to attract a wider audience, but the main venue for my old writing is my own site, and most of my new fiction writing is being saved for commercial publication. Two book-length works you can read online are Cross Product and The Fickle Finger of Fate.

I'm the moderator of [community profile] tarot.

I expect readers of my locked entries to be participants.
I expect participants to be emotionally supportive of me.
I expect discussion topics to be of interest to me.
I am not interested in self-improvement.

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