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Posted by Tom "The Kittenmaster" Cooper

Please join me to meet and greet our tar Kit for today, Ethan. He is 5 weeks old from Newark.


I came home from a graduation one night and got out of the car and started hearing noises. I look over and this cute little baby kitten walked right up to me, he just came out of nowhere. The first few nights I didn’t know what to do with him I posted to see if anyone wanted him but no one really came through. So I kept the kitten and Ethan has been apart of my family for a week now and we love him so much.

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We are a Multi-fandom Drawing community for FanArtists. If you enjoy drawing fanart, using either traditional or digital media, we would love to have you join in the fun. :)

Drawesome on DW
[community profile] drawesome: A Drawing Community for Fan-Artists

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Posted by Tom "The Kittenmaster" Cooper

It’s time to put your paws in the air and welcome our latest Star Kit, Legs. She is a 5 week old Tabby from Gainesville, Florida.


Legs is one of four beautiful babies born by a stray queen at a tiny little apartment complex in Gainesville, FL. Unlike her other brothers and sisters, she was born with twisted back legs, also known as Swimmer’s Legs. Even with her disability, she still scoots around, plays, dominates, eats, and defecates. She is the most shy out of all her siblings, but is loving in her own little way.
Already having two cats, she is the only one of the kittens we are keeping, due to believing if we turn her into a rescue or shelter, she will have the highest chance of being euthanized. We are willing to put the time and effort into her care, and don’t believe she is suffering or deserving of being put “out of her misery”.


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If you are in search of a beta to help with your stories then:

[community profile] beta_search is for you!

Come along and join!

Snippet from the community profile:

You are welcome to make three types of posts:

1) Looking for help
2) Offering help
3) Tips

You may look for or offer beta, cheerleader, or mentor assistance.
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Posted by Tom "The Kittenmaster" Cooper

Please join me in meeting and greeting our latest Star Kit, Junsei. He is a 6 week old Tabby from Seattle.

Junsei Ki Tamaoki

Junsei was rescued, along with his sister, from the bushes of Seattle by a young couple unable to care for him. Sadly he and his sister were split up before he came to me. Junsei loves shoelaces, kitten milk, long naps and playing with anything that dangles: preferably earrings. He is a very smart young kitty and potty trained himself immediately. Since he’s so little, he often uses a meditation cushion as a landing pad when jumping off the bed.

Junsei Ki Tamaoki

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Posted by Tom "The Kittenmaster" Cooper

Please give a huge welcome to our latest Star Kit, Tinker. He is 4 days old from Manchester.


Mum is a stray and was taken in by MOP but then rejected this kitten so I’m hand rearing him.

I created [community profile] 10variations for Dreamwidth because it was an old concept from Livejournal that I used to love and many people felt inspired by, and I thought it would be nice to recreate it for a better, safer and cleaner platform like Dreamwidth :3

It's a community where you post a batch of 10 icons each time, made out of the same image but all different (according to a set of themes). It's best if you look at the profile to understand the concept! I hope you will like it and participate, I will participate also :3
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Posted by Tom "The Kittenmaster" Cooper

Please join me in giving a huge paws up to today’s Star Kit, Lilith. She is 7 weeks old from Texas.


Lilith was rescued from a feral colony after her mother and two other queens abandoned her. After several vet appointments and her first round of vaccines, Lilith is finally thriving! She’s a fierce and happy kit, just as likely to pounce as she is to snuggle close for a cat nap. We’re very very lucky to have found her when we did, and blessed to have this adorable girl as a forever part of our lives.

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Posted by Tom "The Kittenmaster" Cooper

Please join me to meet and greet our latest Star Kit, Allie. She is a 4 year old DSH from Cincinnati, Ohio.


Allie is a pure white female. We got her from a friend of one of my house-mates. We gave her that name because it sounds like Alba, and also in honor of my nickname which many of my friends call me. Allie is a very sweet girl. She likes to run after her older sister, Venus, and climb on the backs of our dining room chairs, practicing her gymnastics. She will sit on your lap, but only if she has a book or other hard object to sit on. I have wanted a little white kitten since I was 8 years old. Now I have sweet Allie in my middle age.

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Sebastian whispering to Ciel

[community profile] black_butler  is a discussion community for fans of the manga and anime series Kuroshitsuji | Black Butler. We welcome fans of all (or no) pairings. Join us this week as we begin our season one rewatch. 
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Created a few feeds, presented in reverse alphabetical order:
  • [syndicated profile] unconventional_comic_feed -- UnCONventional, a web comic about fannish conrunners -- posts twice a week

  • [syndicated profile] thisisindexed_feed-- Indexed, a web comic that depicts information mostly in charts and graphs, drawn on an index card -- posts a couple-few days a week

  • [syndicated profile] small_beer_press_feed -- Small Beer Press, Not a Journal -- infrequent posts mostly about Small Beer Press & its authors

  • [syndicated profile] ourbodiesblog_feed -- Our Bodies, Ourselves -- A blog about women's and girls' health, from the nonprofit, public interest organization that brings us the Our Bodies, Ourselves books -- posts randomly, as needed

  • [syndicated profile] librarything_blog_feed-- The official blog of Librarything, the site where you (or your local library) can catalog your books (and movies and music)

  • [syndicated profile] eleanor_arnason_blog_feed -- Eleanor Arnason's web log -- from SF&F author Eleanor Arnason, a retired white woman who thinks about race and class and age and writing

  • [syndicated profile] cypher_of_tyr_blog_feed -- Cypheroftyr blog by Tanya D., fan and gamer and PoC who doesn't put up with much shit

  • [syndicated profile] body_impolitic_blog_feed -- Body Impolitic, a blog by Laurie Toby Edison & Debbie Notkin, two white women who collaborate on projects about bodies and images of bodies -- posts infrequently

Also posted in [site community profile] dw_feed_promo
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Posted by Tom "The Kittenmaster" Cooper

Please put your paws together to meet this Caturday’s Star Kit, Axel. He is 3 months old from Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Axel has been home for 2 weeks. He is a handsome growing boy. He just met his cousin yesterday and is happy to have a companion in the house.


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Are you a fan of NBC's Timeless?

Are you looking for a place to post your Timeless fanworks: your incredible icons, your fantastic fanart, your fanvids formidable, your fic, your podfic and meta?

Are you already thinking and/or obsessing about the next season even though it's over a year away? Are you longing for a place to discuss the past season's episodes, analyze the characters, and theorize about time travel?

[community profile] timeless_lifeboat
A new Timeless community at Dreamwidth

We're just getting started. We hope you'll join us.
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Posted by Tom "The Kittenmaster" Cooper

Please join me to give a huge TDK welcome to our Star Kit pair, Echo and Raziel. They are 5 weeks old from Norway.

Echo and Raziel

The mama cat is almost a year old , she was homeless until I snatched her from living under my front porch. She is also a new mama, her babies are five weeks old and have yet to be interested in any kind of solid food, but they are very active and lovable.

Echo and Raziel

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Posted by Tom "The Kittenmaster" Cooper

Please give a huge paws up to our Star Kit for today, Katryn. She is 9 weeks old from Gauteng, South Africa.


Katryn was the runt of her litter. She is extremely shy and afraid people, always sticking to her mother’s side. However, the mother’s owner’s were not able to keep her, so they planned to take her to the SPCA. The SPCA is already completely overrun, and a kitten who refuses to socialise does not stand a good chance there. So on the day they were planning to take her, we took her instead. She hasn’t been here long and is still very shy and jittery, but has already started to climb out of her shell. She just needs a lot of love and attention.

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Welcome to Moray Beach
Maybe you were having an ordinary day, doing ordinary things.
Or, maybe, your day was in fact extraordinary, and you're kind of busy and, really, don't have time for any nonsense.
Unfortunately, all of that is gone.
Welcome to Moray Beach. Welcome to your fresh start.
18+ | multigenre | multifandom

Moray Beach is a game set on a tropical island paradise populated entirely by displaced characters. Through some glitch of time and space, they have ended up here, and here they will stay for as long as the island wills it.

A game for mature and seasoned players, it follows basic tenants of fun, respect, and honesty. Player anonymity is protected without question, and abusive and dramatic behaviour will not be tolerated. The goal is low moderation, high activity, and a place for all of us to just, well, play.

Whether you're looking for serious plot, horror or thriller storylines, or even just slice-of-life hijinks, Moray Beach will accommodate you.

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Posted by Tom "The Kittenmaster" Cooper

Please join me to welcome our newest Star Kit, Bootsie Claire. She is 1 years old from Gadsden, Alabama.

Bootsie Claire

This is Bootsie Claire. She was found inside a wall at my grandmother’s house at 4 weeks old. I nursed her back to health and now she is the most amazing cat anyone could ever ask for.

Bootsie Claire